Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Being Cyber Safe

Room 2 use the computers for different parts of their learning. Check out Hector's World and talk to your children about the importance of being safe online. 

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Pop ups are dangerous to your computer.

Pop ups are unwanted messages on our computers or devices. They come up randomly on your devices screen and try and to get you to click on it.

They sometimes lead you to inappropriate pictures or videos. If you click on them, they may also lead to viruses on your device. If this happens, your device is broken and you might lose all of your work.

If a pop up comes onto your screen you must tell a grown up immediately. Do not click on the pop up, otherwise it may lead you to inappropriate websites, videos, pictures or viruses.

When a pop up appears you must tell an adult immediately, so it does not harm you or your device.

Written by Room 2 22/3/2017

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